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Agile for Digital Business Growth

The Agile methodology is a way to manage a project by breaking it up into several phases. It involves constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement at every stage. Once the work begins, teams cycle through a process of planning, executing, and evaluating. The Scrum framework is a specific Agile method that helps teams and companies to create value through adaptive solutions. With Scrum, a product or a service is built in a series of iterations called sprints that divide big projects into small segments. Kanban is a framework that supports the Scrum process by providing tools to visualize the workflow and identify bottlenecks in processes.

Customized training provides a practical overview of the core concepts of Scrum and Kanban. Integrated exercises and case studies are used to illustrate how they can be used to deliver improved product development results. Participants will learn to apply Agile frameworks and to utilize key Scrum or Kanban metrics in their own projects.


Engagements typically range from one day to a few days

English, German, Chinese



Who is this for?


Seniority: C-3 (e.g. managers), C-4 (e.g. engineers, developers)

Functions: Operational (e.g., production, maintenance, logistics), Innovation (e.g., R&D, accelerator, CDO)


  • Gain a practical understanding of Agile development methodologies.
  • Upskill your teams in Kanban and Scrum practices to increase their solution development efficiency.
  • Apply learnings to ongoing projects to increase engagement and knowledge retention.


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