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Data-Driven Leadership

Data-driven leadership enables organizations to gain a competitive edge by applying data analytics to business decisions. Fostering an analytical mindset within the company places advanced data analytics at the heart of strategic planning and decision-making in every business unit and function. Building and managing modern data capabilities represents a significant challenge for traditional organizations since it requires orchestrating internal teams, external stakeholders, and a large number of IT subsystems. The learning journey is holistically designed to connect the essential domains of data analytics and leadership methods to apply data-driven thinking into daily leadership practices.

There are three central questions addressed throughout the learning journey:

1. How can companies identify, acquire, process and manage all available sources of data?
2. How can teams build capabilities to correctly translate data into business outcomes?
3. How can management transform and develop the organization to adapt to data-based decision-making?


Engagements typically range from a few days to a few weeks.

English, German, French, Chinese



Who is this for?


Seniority: C (e.g., CFO, President), C-1 (e.g., vice president, global head of X), C-2 (e.g., director, regional head of X)

Functions: Business Leadership (e.g. P&L ownership), Operational (e.g., production, maintenance, logistics), Strategic (e.g., strategy, M&A, corporate venture)


  • Form a strong foundation in the technical domains of analytics, machine learning and the Internet of Things.
  • Learn innovative management methods as well as principles and practices of new leadership around data management and analytics.
  • Develop practices that will help you to transform organizational culture so that data-based decisions yield better results.


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