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Digital Innovation Workshops

Digital innovation is the application of digital technology to improve existing products and processes. Innovation is core to ideas such as digital transformation and digitization since these require businesses to transform themselves and adopt new technology. Digital innovators seek new ways to solve old problems. Digital innovation is the process of realizing new approaches, including:
- Developing a new technology strategy for an existing business context;
- Adopting and implementing new software or platforms;
- Evolving from analog to digital processes.

Digital innovation workshops start with participants framing a specific problem or objective. Participants engage in ideation sessions that yield new ideas for digital solutions and business models. These ideas are then challenged, iterated, and refined in order to develop proposals can be validated. The process is guided by experienced practitioners who bring external perspectives and a large database of example cases for inspiration.


Engagements typically range from one day to a few days.

English, German, French, Chinese



Who is this for?


Seniority: C-2 (e.g., director, regional head of X), C-3 (e.g., senior manager, manager), C-4 (e.g., engineer, sales executive)

Functions: Business Leadership (e.g. P&L ownership), Operational (e.g., production, maintenance, logistics), Innovation (e.g., R&D, accelerator, CDO)


  • Build an innovator's mindset in your organization, from the shop floor to the top floor.
  • Rapidly ideate practical solutions with the potential to drive growth and operational excellence.
  • Systematically challenge ideas in order to evolve them from brainstorm concepts to firm proposals.


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