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Intrapreneur Development Training

An intrapreneur is an employee who is responsible for developing an innovative idea or project that is outside the traditional scope of the business. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have similar but different capability requirements, objectives, and challenges. An entrepreneur designs and launches a new business, often with backing from financially motivated venture capitalists. They accept the risks and rewards and risks of running a business. On the other hand, an intrapreneur uses their entrepreneurial skills to create and develop a new initiative in the company that they work at. Their company finances the project and objectives are often both financial and strategic.

Innovation in large organizations is driven by intrapreneurs. We use coaching and training to help companies develop agile entrepreneurship skills, experience building cultures, and innovation toolkits. Intrapreneurs can help your organization drive growth in good times and navigate challenges when adversity strikes. Our programs are run by experienced practitioners who have themselves run new ventures as both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.


Engagements typically range from a few weeks up to one or two months.

English, German, Chinese



Who is this for?


Seniority: C-3 (e.g., senior manager, manager), C-4 (e.g., engineer, sales executive)

Function: Business Leadership (e.g. P&L ownership), Operational (e.g., production, maintenance, logistics), Innovation (e.g., R&D, accelerator, CDO)


  • Incentivize innovation in your organization and create roles that are clearly responsible for out-of-the-box solution development.
  • Develop entrepreneurship competencies at multiple levels of your organization.
  • Build resilience in your organization by empowering people to challenge traditions and call our changes that could indicate new opportunities to threats to your core business.


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