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Mobile Application Development Training

An increasing number of companies are finding it necessary to develop their own mobile applications for both customer and internal use. App development refers to the creation of computer applications for use on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. Whether or not a company decides to work with an app development agency, it is necessary that product managers understand core development principles. A holistic understanding of UI/UX principles and technology development processes enables a faster and more cost-efficient development process. It also reduces the risk of producing a solution that fails to meet user needs or business objectives.

In this program, you will learn the principles of mobile app design and development. It is a project-oriented course that includes app design for different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows-based on the latest OS versions. Whether for external customers or for internal use, the provision of own mobile apps is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor for companies of all sectors and sizes.

The program also covers Agile best practices and illustrates how they can be applied within an organization that had traditionally used waterfall product development approaches. Learning is applied while creating functional prototypes to ensure that lessons are practical and to increase knowledge retention.


Engagements typically range from a few days to a few weeks.

English, German, Chinese



Who is this for?


Seniority: C-3 (e.g., senior manager, manager), C-4 (e.g., engineer, sales executive)

Functions: Business Leadership (e.g. P&L ownership), Growth (e.g., sales, marketing), Operational (e.g., production, maintenance, logistics), Innovation (e.g., R&D, accelerator, CDO)


  • Gain a holistic understanding of the end-to-end app development process, from problem scoping to software launch.
  • Apply customer-centric solutions for building products and services that people love, including user personas, job-to-be-done, and value proposition definition.
  • Learn Agile methodologies for building high-quality software on time and on budget through an iterative process.


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