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How does IoT ONE Exchange work?

What is it and how does it work?

The IoT ONE Exchange is a gateway to access digital expertise from specialist advisory, implementation, and training providers worldwide, ready to tackle mission-critical digital initiatives.

A dedicated account manager will coordinate all activities, from project definition to project coordination and quality assurance.

Our centralized proposal and billing processes simplify procurement. After onboarding IoT ONE Exchange as your new partner, you can start to tap the collective expertise of our service ecosystem.

We speak your language. IoT ONE Exchange project managers know the importance of crystal-clear communication, especially when exploring new technologies and concepts.

Why is IoT ONE Exchange the right partner for you?


Technical expertise with a business mindset

By working with boutique firms, we are able to access world-class expertise in the Industrial IoT, AI, edge computing, blockchain, robotics, drones and other technology domains.


Our partners are experienced practitioners. They know that your goal is not to deploy technology, it is to solve business problems. And they know that the biggest challenges you face are often not technical, they are related to customer relationships, process changes, security risks, and the transformation of your people. 


Centralized end-to-end service

Our goal is to build a long-term partnership with you. We know that working with boutique consultancies can be an administrative challenge. We simplify collaboration by appointing an account manager to support you every step of the way. We will:

  • Define your needs and determine the right scope of work;

  • Identify the right partner (or partners);

  • Manage RFQs and procurement centrally;

  • Provide quality control throughout implementation;

  • Respond quickly to your needs as they arise.


Integration of implementation and upskilling

Sometimes you simply need a partner to execute a project. But often you want to use this project to build your internal competencies. Your account manager will support knowledge transfer and competence development from start to finish across all Exchange projects so you can strengthen your organization.

Our Process

Step 1

Define Your Goals & Requirements

The job of your dedicated account manager is to understand your needs and your preferred ways of working. He or she will work with you to define a clear scope of work, including:

  • Objectives & deliverables

  • Required domain expertise

  • Project timeline and milestones

  • Project location and language

  • Budget and commercial terms

  • Any other details that are important to you

Step 2

Prepare a Customized Proposal

Based on your scope, we will identify the right partner or partners to support you. Then we will coordinate with them to prepare a competitive proposal.


This is a three-step process:

  1. We first review the scope and determine key service or solution provider requirements.

  2. We then compare requirements against our partner profiles to identify the right partner.

  3. Finally, we coordinate to prepare a proposal in response to your request or RFP.

Step 3

Streamlined Procurement & Contracting

Our goal is to make it easy for you to work with specialists. We do this by managing all administration processes to reduce friction and delays.


The onboarding process follows four steps:

  1. Confirm the scope and budget.

  2. Sign the offer letter and an NDA if required.

  3. Purchase services centrally through IoT ONE Exchange.

  4. Schedule a kickoff meeting to begin the project.

Step 4

End-to-End Project Management & Support

Project success requires strong communication. Your account manager will be available to both you and your implementation partner as needed to monitor progress and troubleshoot issues.


Our typical communication plan has three elements:

  • As-needed touchpoints by email or phone.

  • Weekly status update emails: What was done last week? What will be done next week?

  • Bi-weekly or monthly steering committee meetings to provide status updates.

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