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Capability Development

Driving compliance, safety and standards to your frontline teams.

Who is Atiom?

Atiom is a proven mobile solution, built for a busy workforce. We assist businesses in improving their employee experience. And we keep teams on the ground informed about compliance, safety, and standards by communicating with them in language they understand. Today is the day to upgrade your frontline employees.

Atiom helps companies upgrade their employee experience. You can use Atoim to communicate with your teams on the ground and keep them up-to-date on compliance, safety and standards. After learning something, people will naturally forget it over time in what’s known as the ‘forgetting curve’. Atiom improves a learners' efficiency by reviewing information right before it is forgotten. This method is called “active recall” and it is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to remember new information.

English, Chinese

Why is Atiom the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes Atiom unique?

With Atiom's mobile-first technology, you can improve your staff training and engagement initiatives. It's so entertaining that employees utilize it almost every day. With daily missions, leaderboards, and prizes, gamification helps employees develop a habit of staying up to date. Managers may use simple admin tools to discuss and track important changes, acknowledge successes, and boost employee engagement.

Key Competencies

Software licensing, Content Services, Instructional Design, Project Management, Customer Support, White Label Technology, Training

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