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Black Lake Technologies


A cloud-based smart collaboration platform for factories

Who is Black Lake Technologies?

Black Lake is a cloud-based, IoT-enabled collaborative SaaS that assists manufacturers in digitizing shopfloor processes. Our intelligent collaboration platform enables manufacturing employees (from managers to line workers) to work together in real time, monitor data, derive insights, and make data-driven choices.

Black Lake Technologies is a fast-growing, venture-backed business that uses a mobile-first collaboration platform to gather, display, monitor, and analyze real-time manufacturing data. We make it easy for manufacturing employees (from management to line workers) to interact, analyze data, and respond quickly.

Our platform provides capabilities across three areas:

1. Planning: scheduling, assignment dispatch, routing, warehouse management, logistics planning, equipment management, permission management, factory modeling, system configuration.

2. Execution: production, QA, maintenance, logistics, incident management, materials tracking.

3. Analysis: dashboard monitoring, data analytics, track and trace.

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Why is Black Lake Technologies the right partner for you?



Keep your upfront investment small and scale up or down as needed to minimize risk and maximize operational flexibility.


Highly Configurable

Use our no-code platform to allow frontline operators and managers to configure unique views and analysis without requiring IT support.


Powerful Data Connectors

Our large API library makes it quick and easy to aggregate data from the shop floor, your IT systems, or Excel so you can use it to improve coordination and decision making.

What problems does it solve?

What makes Black Lake Technologies unique?

Data Integration:
• Digitization of shop floor activities
• Real-time aggregation of data
• Transformation to paperless reporting

Realtime Monitoring:
• Supervision of live production status
• Realtime notification of incidents
• Integrate data throughout hierarchy

Data Analytics:
• Data visualization
• Interpretation at variable dimensions
• Self-servicing data Exploration

Smart Decisions:
• Auto evaluation of production capacity
• Scheduling powered by machine learning
• Smart management of inventory

Key Competencies

Planning, Execution, Analysis, Smart Factory, Paperless Manufacturing, Shopfloor Connectivity, Smart Resource Allocation

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