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Industrial IoT & Intelligent Workflows. That anyone can master.

Who is Crosser?

Crosser creates software for Streaming Analytics, Automation, and Integration for any Edge, whether on-premise or in the cloud. For Industrial IoT, Data Transformation, Analytics, Automation, and Integration, the Crosser Platform provides real-time processing of streaming or batch data. As an enterprise, you cannot ignore your legacy systems but with Crosser you can make your messy legacy part of your digital future.

The goal of Crosser is a connected, sensor-rich society in which all data is integrated in real time, resulting in quicker digital transformation, higher corporate value, improved quality of life for everybody, a smaller carbon footprint, and a more secure world.

With easy-to-use and smart software solutions, Crosser aims to accelerate the adoption of digital transformation and Industrial IoT by offering streaming analytics for any Edge, on-premise or in the cloud, as well as real-time Enterprise Integration & Automation.

At the intersection of all of these data kinds, Crosser’s technology allows event-driven and real-time Data Analytics and Intelligent Workflows. It may be used everywhere.

English, Swedish
Sweden (Stockholm, Sundsvall)

Why is Crosser the right partner for you?


Crosser Cloud

Crosser Cloud is the heart of the Platform where all Design and Orchestration takes place. It’s a multi-tenant SaaS service hosted by us. Or by you. It is also offered as an on-premise version that you can run as your own private cloud, inside your firewall.


Crosser Hosted Flows

Run your Intelligent Workflows on your own infrastructure or make it really easy with the fully managed SaaS service where we host your Automation Flows in the Crosser Cloud.


Crosser Node

Crosser Node is the real-time engine that you install where you need it. In the Edge, on-premise on the factory shop-floor, in your data center or in any cloud. Anywhere where you can run a Docker container.

What problems does it solve?

What makes Crosser unique?

Through the Crosser Flow Studio, a visual design tool that enables teams to create quicker than ever before without the need for engineers, the solution is designed to combat complexity with simplicity. Edge Analytics, Industrial Connectivity, Industry 4.0, Streaming Analytics, Hybrid Integration, and Intelligent Workflows are among the sectors and applications for which the software is well suited.

- Turbocharge your digitalization journey
- Run real-time analytics, integration and automation use cases for Industrial IoT
- Make your legacy environment smart
- Move beyond integration. Add intelligence and workflow automations to remove manual work
- Create an amazing customer experience with real-time automations
- Connect anything. Remote assets, on-premise systems and cloud applications.
- Leverage a rich library of connectors that let you connect to over 700 systems & applications.

The future is hybrid. Crosser provides the best of both the cloud and edge worlds.
- Leverage modern cloud technologies and centralize orchestration of your sites and assets.
- Benefit from the advantages (security, latency, and local data connectivity) of running processing on your own infrastructure, on-premise or at the edge.
- Run Horizontal Stream Analytics, Integration and Automation inside your firewall.
- Integrate with anything inside or outside the firewall.

Key Competencies

Industrial Connectivity, Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0, Analytics Integration, Intelligent Process Automation, IPA, Intelligent Workflows, APIs & Hybrid Integration, Streaming Analytics, Edge Computing

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