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The Open Enterprise IoT Platform.

Who is Daizy?

Daizy Tech has created a platform to help realize the smartest version of any organization. Daizy is horizontal and open, it grows as clients grow. It is the ideal platform for organizations with no prior IoT capabilities – Daizy handles everything from prototyping to network subscriptions, data normalization to on-site IoT device deployment management.

Daizy is an open Enterprise IoT management platform that can connect to NB-IoT, LTE-M, LoRa WAN, and Sigfox networks and manage thousands of devices. The Daizy platform offers an easy-to-use management solution for IoT projects and connects data to current corporate platforms. We manage everything from prototype to network subscriptions, data normalisation to on-site IoT device deployment management, making it the ideal platform for companies with no prior IoT skills.

From individual smart projects to whole smart enterprises, the Daizy IoT platform scales with no lock-in to device, network, data, or application. We believe the effective management of IoT data is critical to unlocking new and better-informed relationships between stakeholders, customers, clients, and their environments.

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Why is Daizy the right partner for you?



Daizy is open to all device manufacturers, networking standards and applications. IoT deployments need a variety of providers to implement solutions that work, and our platform makes that process possible. Daizy is the open platform for managing IoT projects.


End to End

The Daizy platform makes full lifecyle management of IoT devices possible. From initial selection and stock control through installation, in-life management, and end of life disposal.


Super Consumable

Daizy makes it easy for anyone in the value chain to make use of IoT and gain insights from the data produced. Minimal training is required to design, deploy, and operate IoT projects.

What problems does it solve?

What makes Daizy unique?

All device makers, networking protocols, and applications are welcome to join Daizy. To implement solutions that work in IoT deployments, a range of providers are required, and our platform facilitates this process. Daizy is an open platform for managing Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

The Daizy platform allows for complete lifecycle management of IoT devices. From initial selection and inventory management to installation, in-life management, and end-of-life disposal, we've got you covered. Daizy also allows for the administration of network subscriptions and data assets, ensuring that data is reliably transmitted, contextualized, and published securely.

Anyone in the value chain may use IoT and receive insights from the data created thanks to Daizy. To develop, install, and run IoT applications, just basic training is necessary.

The Daizy app provides an easy-to-use interface for deploying additional devices. While the installer is on-site, data connections are validated in real time and instantly published to the client's management system.

Key Competencies

Open IoT Platforms, Asset and Configuration Management, In-Life Monitoring, LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, LTE-M, IoT Device Management

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