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Dr. Frank Henze


Who is Dr. Frank Henze?

Dr. Frank Henze is a Shanghai-based German citizen. He began lecturing in Business Management and Engineering at the Sino-British College, USST, in 2019. Prior to joining SBC, he was the General Manager of International Management and Innovation Consultancy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., where he focused on productivity and process improvements for a number of leading companies in industries such as automotive, telecommunications, home appliances, chemical, pharmaceutical, and machinery.

Dr. Henze has extensive expertise in a variety of business functions, including Engineering, Production, Logistics, Purchasing and Sourcing, Administration, Project Management, and, most recently, Education. Since 1991, Dr. Henze has held a Dr.-Ing. (PhD) in Telecom Engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany.

English, German, French
China (Shanghai)

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Lean Manufacturing, Lean Service, Lean Logistics, Lean Administration

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