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We Enable Quality.

Who is EaglAi?

EaglAI is a bespoke provider of fully integrated AI-driven systems, including hardware (cameras and proximity sensors), proprietary deep learning neural networks, and advanced analytics dashboards.

We specialize in defect-proofing production with AI integrated vision inspection systems. Our system capabilities include:
- Image capture that is camera agnostic, using a wide range of cameras available depending on application & environment.
- Seamless integration with existing Line MES or automation systems through a 24 Volt output signal.
- Flexible deployment on-premise or in the cloud.
- No code model training using our smart annotation, model selection and training tool.

Englisch, Hindi, Chinese, Thai
Singapore, India, China, Thailand

Why is EaglAi the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes EaglAi unique?

High Speed: In high-speed applications, eliminate trade-offs in quality control with real-time, constant quality control, and perfect precision, even at 20+FPS (Frames Per Second)

Ease of Integration: The fully configurable system uses up to four cameras to identify minute irregularities in a variety of items, regardless of their position or orientation.

Continuous Learning: Without human interaction, new product variations are regularly added to the reference/library.

Complete Visibility: A simple User Interface provides complete visibility of automated procedures.

Accurate Fault Assessment: Self-programming Deep Learning Neural Networks gain logical reasoning abilities. Removes the requirement for extra processes.

Reliability: Complete fault detection reliability, which is impossible in older systems, thanks to consistency. Increases product quality and life cycle confidence.

Key Competencies

Image Capture, Smart Dashboards, Seamless Integration, No Code Model Training, Flexible Deployment, Machine Vision, Quality Control, Defect Detection

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