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We Measure Technological Progress.

Who is EconSight?

EconSight has its roots in management consulting and economic research. It was founded with the aim of making technological progress measurable in order to develop a better understanding of the impact and significance of one of the most important trends of our time.

Our approach is based on in-depth and quantitative analyses of the most important cutting-edge technologies across the entire spectrum, from artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain to new forms of connected mobility, industry 4.0, renewable energy, functional food, genetic engineering, and personalized medicine.

The analysis of the technological competitive environment of individual companies is at the center of our consulting activities. We support companies with technology-based strategy and competition analyses, as well as investors with a sound basis for decision-making in M&A activities and ESG sustainability analyses. Furthermore, EconSight develops studies for politics, associations and foundations on global and regional technology trends in order to make technological progress more “tangible” and to rethink the economy in this sense.

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Why is EconSight the right partner for you?


Orientation in Cutting-edge Technologies

EconSight has set itself the goal of structuring, defining and quantifying the world of future technologies on the basis of the patent system. We are deeply convinced that this is the only way to make technological progress measurable and to use technology analyses as the basis for strategic decisions.


Application-oriented and Up-to-date

We define application-oriented technologies by means of new patent queries that go beyond a classification system or a keyword query. We work with artificial intelligence to discover new or important topics and use all established and cutting-edge tools to group patents along these topics. However, we go even further and have developed tools that make companies in the technologies very transparently assessable and explainable and communicable to users outside the patent world.


Class instead of Mass

While most patent analyses conclude from the pure quantity to the innovative power, we identify the really relevant patents. To do this, we evaluate each patent within a technology individually. This means that five evaluation criteria are available for each country, region and company.

What problems does it solve?

What makes EconSight unique?

Innovations drive progress, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with technological progress. A major challenge lies in the systematic definition and intelligent delimitation of the respective technology because this is the only way to achieve comprehensive and evaluable results and findings. Conversely, very rough technologies conceal the relevant dynamics and have no added value.

We are the specialists for the entire spectrum of major future technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence or Smart City, medical robots and cancer therapies, as well as specific aerogels or adhesives. In contrast to many static analyses, we are constantly developing our technologies further, because this is the only way to keep up with technological progress and to map technological progress.

As a rule, you know your current competitors, as they are active in the same industry. We show the technology profiles of your competitors, how they are moving technologically, how they are shifting priorities, how they are opening up new areas, and compare this information with your company. In this way, we can show how your company positions itself in comparison to your competitors and where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We go one step further because we can also show you your future competitors. We identify dynamic new companies as well as established companies from other industries that are increasingly penetrating your markets.

Key Competencies

Intellectual Property, Competitor Analysis, Technology Analysis, Strategy Analysis, Investment Analysis, Sustainability Analysis

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