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Where Supply Chains meet the blockchain

Who is Everledger?

Everledger is a digital transparency firm that develops technology to improve supply chain openness throughout the world. Their goal is to contribute to increase openness and confidence in markets where it is a strategic requirement.

Producers, buyers, manufacturers, and merchants can use Everledger to prove the origin, ownership, and qualities of their items.

Australia (Brisbane), United Kingdom (London), United States (Seattle, San Francisco,Chicago), India (Amedabad, Bagalore, Mumbai), China (Shanghai), Israel (Tel Aviv)

Why is Everledger the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes Everledger unique?

Everledger adds transparency to a range of sectors by emphasizing essential asset attributes such as quality, provenance, sustainability footprint, and compliance criteria.

Everledger uses a symphony of technologies, including blockchain and the Internet of Things, to provide supply chain transparency, item tracking, claim credibility, and usable digital identities. Our tool ecosystem is tiered to allow for customized use and applications.

Manufacturers, certification houses, and merchants can prove the origin, ownership, and qualities of the items and resources they trade by using blockchain and IoT. Everledger Capture allows everyone in the supply chain to establish more confidence in their business by giving them access to an asset's provenance record from any device.

Key Competencies

Industry Solutions for: Aparel, Art, Batteries, Diamonds, Gemstones, Insurance, Luxury Goods, Wine & Spirits

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