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Making Knowledge Work

Who is iManage?

iManage is committed to making knowledge work for businesses by helping them to discover and activate the information hidden inside their business content and communications.

Their artificial intelligence and robust document and email management connects data, systems, and people while utilizing the context of organizational content to drive deep insights, informed business choices, and collaboration. iManage provides sophisticated governance techniques and workflows that assist address difficult business issues and allow improved business outcomes, all underpinned by enhanced, need-to-know security.

In four key areas, iManage is devoted to assisting you and your company in making knowledge work for you.

United States (Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Clara), United Kingdom (London, Belfast), Australia (Sidney), India (Bangalore), Canada (Toronto)

Why is iManage the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes iManage unique?

iManage’s knowledge work platform enables businesses to discover and exploit information hidden in their content and communications.

Collaborate in real time and securely from any location and on any device.
The iManage platform has comprehensive governance and security measures built in.

Embedded AI unlocks information and allows for a smarter workflow. iManage Universal APIs are part of a thriving ecosystem of technology partners.

Key Competencies

Artificial Intelligence, APIs Solutions for: Document & Email Management, Contract Intelligence, Knowledge Unlocked, Risk Management, Governance and Security

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