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Advisory, Capability Development

Research, Enable & Grow the Industrial Internet of Things

Who is IoT ONE?

IoT ONE is a research and advisory firm that works with companies to create value from data. Their mission is to help organizations realize opportunities and manage potential threats created by digitalization. IoT ONE harnesses their digital expertise and expert network to support clients in reinventing their products and operational processes for the digital age. They deliver research and training services globally with unique expertise on strategy development and implementation in Asia.

They are known for:
Expertise in the interface between technology and business.
A strong foundation in detailed, bottom-up research.
Deep engagement with domain experts and tech ecosystems.

English, Chinese, German
Shanghai (China), Cologne (Germany)

Why is IoT ONE the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes IoT ONE unique?

From awareness to action, IoT ONE encourages companies to rethink their business models, product portfolios, and operations in order to remain competitive in our digital era.

IoT ONE specializes in finding solutions for three aspects of enterprise digitalization:

DIGITAL DISRUPTION - Digital technology adoption changes fundamental behaviors in a market, industry or process. Companies must systematically analyze potentials and threats resulting from technology development.

DIGITAL BUSINESS - The fusion of the physical and digital world enables data-driven services, smart products, and business platforms. Developing viable business models requires organizations to understand the effects of digitalization on customers, channels, and the internal organization.

DIGITAL OPERATIONS - Digital transformation requires organizations to evolve how they are managed. Existing business processes, organizational structures, information systems, and physical infrastructure need to be aligned with new customer needs and cost structures.

Key Competencies

Use Cases, Solution Architecture, Business Models, Ecosystems, Macro-Environments

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