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Who is LLVision?

Our aim is to use AI and AR technologies to incorporate human-machine-data interactions, making them more intuitive and efficient.

Our aim is to transform the world through First Perspective Interactions, and LLVISON is the pioneer and leader in AR enterprise service. We dedicate ourselves to offering advanced AI+AR services to corporate clients, making human-machine-data interactions more intuitive.
In recent years, LLVISION has focused on providing advanced and high-quality solutions to our clients, which has not only earned us confidence and respect, but has also resulted in several breakthroughs.

China's first smart glasses surgical transmission, China's first business remote supervising solution, the world's first successful mobile surveillance achievement, the world's first smart glasses solution for the power sector, and so on.

English, Chinese
China (Shanghai)

Why is LLVision the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes LLVision unique?

LLVISION's solutions are currently in use in a variety of industries, including smart manufacturing, aviation, healthcare, education, financial services, public security, and entertainment. They assist enterprise users in achieving digital transformation with safer procedures, lower costs, and improved services.

Key Competencies

AI Dual Spectrum Thermometer, GLXSS SE, LEION, Remote Collaboration, Facial Recognition, Laffe™ AI Engine, UX SDK

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