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Páng & Partner

Advisory, Competence Development

Knowledge and techniques could be learned from others, but the "Wisdom of Creativity" only comes from personal cultivation.

Who is Páng & Partner?

Since 2018, Pang & Partner has assisted our customers in effectively refreshing their supply chains, conquering new sales markets, and, most importantly, rethinking their Asia strategy.

English, German, Chinese
Germany (Cologne, Berlin), Hong Kong

Why is Páng & Partner the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes Páng & Partner unique?

One Belt, One Road is China's greatest infrastructure project of the twenty-first century. By land, air, and sea, more than 60 nations in Asia, Africa, and Europe are becoming connected. A new balance of power is forming in Asia, which has an influence on Europe, according to the new free trade agreement RCEP. These ramifications aren't simply financial. It's also about exchanging information and new ideas. We perceive what others see as a difficulty as an opportunity.

Learning & Development: Employees can no longer be "taught" in the traditional sense due to the plethora of continuously changing needs. Developing potential generates a plethora of resources that assist the business in unexpected ways.

Consulting: Organizations with primarily action and result-oriented philosophies have a controllable life cycle. Organizations that perceive themselves as a system and place a strong emphasis on reflection are more likely to be able to self-organize. What can we do to make organizations more viable?

P&P Academy: The P&P Academy provides you with the opportunity to enhance your knowledge in order to broaden your prospective sectors and tactics.

Key Competencies

One Belt One Road, Management Consulting, Organizational Development

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