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Remi Te


Accelerating AI Adoption and Execution for Enterprises

Who is Remi Te?

Remi Te is the founder and CEO of Wegotec, a digital transformation consulting firm devoted to assisting businesses in leveraging technology to help them grow and gain a competitive edge. Wegotec offers CIO advisory services as well as practical training for top executives.

Our AI Strategy Practical course, for example, is meant to assist them in getting the most out of their AI journey. Throughout this difficult period, we have effectively assisted our customers in "doing more with less" by optimizing and automating their core business operations.

Remi has worked in IT for over 15 years and has lived in China since 2006. During his time in China, he was recognized for building IT organizations and driving digital transformations for numerous Emerson Electric and Nidec Corporation business units across Asia-Pacific. As the IT Business Partner, he served as the primary link between the technical and business communities, ensuring that IT investments yielded a competitive advantage.

Apart from his current position. Remi is also involved in Shanghai's innovation scene, where he advises companies on their business strategies and technology. He also serves on the China CIO Alliance Board of Directors and is a member of the CEIBS Alumni International Chapter Management Committee. Remi has a Master's degree in Computer Science from Epitech and a Global Executive MBA from Ceibs.

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What makes Remi Te unique?

Remi Te's AI Strategy workshop is meant to help you create a company that employs Artificial Intelligence on a daily basis. Businesses that effectively employ AI outperform their competitors by incorporating cutting-edge technology into their operations. However, before you can put the technology to use, you and your team must first have a deeper understanding of it.

Remi Te has the ability and knowledge to take your company to the next level, thanks to his years of experience. He applies his knowledge and talents to help you improve your company's business procedures and strategy. Remi Te is honored to assist in shaping and improving the structure and management of our clients' businesses.

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