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Capability Development

Digital. Real People.

Who is Talenthelden?

Talenthelden's vision and mission is to empower people with self-reflection and a growth mindset.

Further training needs to be enjoyable and impactful in the long run if it is to succeed. Talenthelden has created development journeys that combine effective learning with digital HR development. The success of social learning on the job is sustainable and measurable. Furthermore, gamification elements promote learning while creating enthusiastic heroes.

There is one thing that Talenthelden is above all: human. You and your employees are the center of everything they think and do. As companions, they embody respect, honesty, empathy, confidence, trust, and appreciation.

A shared set of values is a prerequisite for Talenthelden to work. Nonetheless, if they are working for you, they will do everything they can to ensure your success. They amplify the good energies in your organization, turning your employees into heroes.

German, English
Munich (Germany)

Why is Talenthelden the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes Talenthelden unique?

Real exchange, conscious discussion and reflection. Sustainable knowledge transfer, noticeable changes. Structured process, sustainability through focused competence development. Social learning in the team, high practical relevance through on-the-job learning. Independent learning process, high commitment of participants, measurable knowledge transfer.

Key Competencies

Work Environment, Leadership, Personality

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