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Start now with the data-driven optimization of your production processes

Who is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer IoT helps organizations across sectors to build high-value IoT use cases with fast return thanks to a cloud dashboard, a rule engine, and fully defined APIs.

Combine remote control and monitoring features in one package. Remotely manage endpoints for quicker, more cost-effective operations — at the corporate scale Receive notifications based on IoT data that is being watched, allowing you to respond promptly to issues. Allows for remote help and support to resolve device and system problems as they arise.

With out-of-the-box connection, you can speed up the deployment of your IoT solution — no complex IoT VPNs required.

Germany (Göppingen)

Why is TeamViewer the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes TeamViewer unique?

Edge Devices with Remote Control Get safe, smooth remote control of IoT edge devices, with end-to-end encryption and no complicated system configuration required. Monitoring and control with a single click Monitor and control devices on the edge or in the cloud with a single solution.

Data-Driven Alerts and Multi-Condition Rules Set multi-condition rules for IoT devices at particular thresholds to receive alerts and real-time status updates. Grabbing the Screen from a Distance Capture what is displayed on any endpoint's operation panel and operate as if you were standing right in front of it.

Data Visualization on the Edge and in the Cloud in Real-Time Get a full picture of all your IoT data in one place, whether in the cloud or on the edge, with a single dashboard. Integration that is both quick and flexible APIs and SDKs make it simple to connect your IoT solution into third-party systems, and it's compatible with the most frequently used protocols.

Key Competencies

Predictive Maintenance, PLC, Retrofit, MaaS, IT/OT Convergence, Digital Twin

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