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u‑blox Thingstream makes IoT easy

Who is u-blox?

Thingstream is the u‑blox service delivery platform for: IoT Communication-as-a-Service, IoT Security-as-a-Service, and IoT Location-as-a-Service.

Thingstream is a cloud-based business IoT service delivery platform with an administrative interface. IoT connection, security, an enterprise-grade MQTT broker, visual programming, simple corporate integration, and support for ublox global positioning devices are all included in the Thingstream platform.

Switzerland (Thalwil)

Why is u-blox the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes u-blox unique?

Connect everything - Manage and connect IoT devices, APIs, and internet services with ease. Data Flow Manager - A simple drag-and-drop programming interface allows you to make decisions and control data at the network edge.

Easy corporate connectivity - Ready-to-use connectors for cloud-based services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, TIBCO eFTL, and others. Live environment that is enterprise-ready and completely scalable - All of the heavy work has been taken out of scaling to make it more reliable and resilient.

Key Competencies

IoT Communication-as-a-Service, IoT Security-as-a-Service, IoT Location-as-a-Service

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