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The Real-Time Intelligent Enterprise

Who is Vantiq?

The Internet of Things (IoT) operates in real time, but today's apps do not. Vantiq allows smart apps to transform streaming data into better companies by combining IoT, digital twins, and artificial intelligence in new and fascinating ways. These new digital applications perceive, evaluate, and respond at real-time speeds.

Vantiq applications may be easily partitioned among any number of nodes, including public cloud, private cloud, and edge devices. To make real-time systems safe, scalable, and performant, analyze data when and when it occurs.

Vantiq apps can be built quickly, deployed quickly, and modified on the fly thanks to powerful low-code tools and abstractions that span the whole application lifecycle. Build scalable corporate apps in a couple of days, whether from scratch or with component libraries, and provide business value right away.

United States (Walnut Creek), Mexico (Monterrey, Mexico City), Brazil (Sao Paulo), Colombia (Bogota), Japan (Tokyo), China (Beijing, Shanghai), Singapore, South Korea (Seoul), United Kingdom (London), France (Issy-les-Moulineaux)

Why is Vantiq the right partner for you?




What problems does it solve?

What makes Vantiq unique?

The Vantiq platform takes care of the whole application lifecycle, from design to deployment and maintenance, so you can focus on your company rather than the infrastructure.

VANTIQ's event-based design encourages resilient behavior. The ability to horizontally cluster nodes for scalability and failover provides mission-critical availability. Vantiq helps EDA applications create and run, servicing millions of business events every day.

Modelo, a low-code IDE included with Vantiq, provides complete assistance for design, development, testing, deployment, and operations. Vantiq Modelo includes visual editors, scripting editors, a SQL and JavaScript-based rules system, debugging, tracing, and logging testing tools, and a visual tool for distributed deployment.

Key Competencies

Smart Energy & Utilities, Safety & Security, Smart Cities, Logistics, Field Service, Environmental Monitoring, Asset Management, Smart Building

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