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Customized Industry Solutions

Who is Witium?

Shanghai Witium Intelligent System Co.,LtD is a Shanghai-based high-tech and software company. While offering clients with edge computing intelligent controllers, IoT gateways, and other industrial hardware solutions, our business considers the WitCloud IoT cloud platform to be its primary product. In the domains of global industrial informatization, new energy and power, and smart factories, the firm offers full industrial IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Witium Intelligence offers extensive IoT software and hardware development experience. It boasts dozens of technological backbones from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and other prestigious universities, and has developed hundreds of industrial software and hardware products. We have 45 patents and software copyrights, indicating that we have a high technological innovation capability.

In the fields of smart factory, predictive maintenance of equipment failure, intelligent energy saving control system of air compressor, logistics and storage monitoring, water quality and dust environmental monitoring, oil and coal energy, and so on, the company has a wealth of industry experience and mature technical solutions. Our items are sold both domestically and internationally.

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What makes Witium unique?

In the realm of industrial IoT, Shanghai Witium Intelligence is dedicated to become a more professional industry solution provider. The firm aims to provide users all around the world with more professional and high-quality industrial IoT services. The firm aspires to be the backbone of the "Made in China 2025" plan and the export of China's intelligent manufacturing to the rest of the globe.

Key Competencies

WitCloud IoT Cloud Platform, Edge calculation and display, IoT acquisition monitoring module, Industrial IoT Gateway, Sample Pretreatment Equipment

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