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Transforming is a long term process

Our expert partners will support you as your needs evolve

We offer a high level of expertise in three transformation disciplines

Our partners offer a wide range of services in the field of digital transformation. We have therefore divided the service under our Exchange into Advisory, Implementation, and Competence Development.

Our goal is to make your life easy. Whenever a need arises, your dedicated Exchange account manager will conduct a free consultation to understand your goals so we can identify the right partner to support you. We will then work with this partner to prepare a proposal for you. If you decide to work with us, your account manager will coordinate every project from end to end to ensure a consistently high service level. As your needs evolve, you can be assured that our partners will have the expertise you need. Our agile process improves the chance of a successful transformation project.


Our advisory partners help companies answer the "Why?", "What?", and "How?" behind a digital transformation strategy. Whether it’s a question of transforming processes, business models, or your culture – our partners will guide your approach. Our advisory services range from tactical research to close collaboration on strategy definition. We typically cover one or more of these four domains: use case prioritization, technical architecture definition, business model and process innovation, and ecosystem engagement. Our mission is to help you achieve your transformational goals faster, while mitigating potential internal mistakes and external risks.



Once the strategic direction of a digital transformation initiative is defined, it is time to act. However, implementation faces many challenges, from creating the right organizational mindset to selecting the right technology to staying on budget. No two digital transformation initiatives are the same, no matter how similar they look on paper. Therefore, effective implementation requires more than technical expertise. It requires practical solution development and deployment experience, and a problem-solving mentality. Our partners are best-of-class specialists and are highly motivated to make every project a success for our clients.

Capability Development

No company in the world can succeed in transforming its business without taking its employees with them on the journey. In many companies, twentieth-century ways of working still prevail. A whole set of new competencies is needed for a modern organization to remain competitive: a change of mindset, skillset and toolkit. But how to do it? In 7 years, Microsoft CEO Nardella increased the value of the company six-fold to almost 2 trillion USD. In his book “Hit Refresh”, Nardella explains: "I found out the key was agility, agility, agility." Our partners have a wide range of competence development programs that build agility into organizations so they can achieve ambitious goals under conditions of uncertainty and stress.

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