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We offer the best of two worlds

The speed and agility of specialist practitioners.

The simplicity and consistency of a unified platform.


We make it easy for companies to work with specialist service providers in order to plan and implement their digital transformation initiatives.


We aspire to become the world's leading facilitator of digital transformation services, from strategy to implementation to capability development.


What We Do

IoT ONE Exchange is a curated ecosystem of specialist practitioners. We connect companies that are undergoing their digital transformation with trainers, consultants, and system integrators that specialize in topics ranging from change management to business model innovation to enterprise software development.

Our Philosophy

Specialists > Generalists

Do you compromise on specialization due to the convenience offered by large consultancies?


We make it easy to collaborate with specialists by coordinating all aspects of procurement and project management. 

Speed & Agility Wins

Do your current partners try to sell you large, long term projects that lock you into a rigid path?


Our network allows us to match capacity and capability to help you gain the critical advantages of speed and agility.

Collaboration Is the Future

Is your market evolving faster than your organization can keep up?



A broad, tightly connected ecosystem is your secret weapon. Leverage us to fill capacity gaps, upskill your team, and expand your capabilities.


Ecosystem Partners







Our promise to clients

IoT ONE Exchange combines the convenience of working with a Big Four consultancy with the flexibility and expertise that domain specialists offer.


Our service partners are experienced experts that specialize in one or more digital transformation domain. Experts are highly vetted and have an average of more than ten years of relevant experience in their domains.


We believe in simplicity and speed. Your Exchange account manager will provide end-to-end support to streamline processes, from understanding your needs, to centralized billing, to project oversight.


Digital transformation is an iterative process. Our experts will support you one step at a time as you evolve your business. 

Our promise to vendors

IoT ONE Exchange allows you to specialize in what you do best, while collaborating with our ecosystem of partners to help you meet client needs.


We provide the most valuable thing for every service firm, new clients. By participating in our ecosystem you will gain access to opportunities to grow your business.


We select the most relevant vendor for each project, without bias. Our only criteria for selection is the fit of the vendor with the objectives and requirements of the client.


By selecting the best vendor for each project, we create satisfied, long-term clients. Our focus on a high Net Promoter score will results in consistent business in the long term.

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